Digital advertising on Google PPC, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads and more. Generate more awareness at a fraction of the cost.


Attract more local customers and drive more revenue with digital advertising, newsletters and local search engine optimization.

what is it

A dedicated digital marketing coordinator who will work with you every month on attracting more customers and driving more revenues..

Why it matters; digital advertising (proactive and reactive advertising) is one of the most cost effective ways to attract more customers.


what we’ll do

Advertising / management of your digital advertising on Google Ads, Facebook Ads (includes Instagram) and LinkedIn.
Local SEO
/ on page and off page keyword injection, local listing optimizations and voice search support.
/ review of your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, conversions and user behaviors.
Report / a monthly report showcasing all advertising and search engine ranking performance.

our deliverables

Call Time / ongoing partnership and communication with your leadership and team members.
Monthly Report / a report of your entire digital marketing performance including SEO, analytics and advertising.


What is Advertising?
Combining local search optimization, pay per click advertising and social media advertising to generate more awareness and sales.

Will you provide content?
No. Any imagery or graphics would need to be provided to our team. We do have certified partners that we can refer you to.

Where will you advertise?
Typically we focus our efforts on Google Ads, Facebook (Instagram) and then Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, Reddit as needed.

Will you grow my website traffic?
Yes, definitely. We utilize A/B testing to ensure that any advertising we run results with the lowest cost and highest CTR to drive traffic.

Who pays for the ad budget?
You do. We will set up accounts on your behalf or access them. You establish a monthly budget and pay with credit card.

Is there a contract required?
Yes, for Awareness, there is a 3 month contract required. There is also a 14 day money back guarantee.

DM: @ghostmediainc
Call: 888-411-9724