With a rapid growth of new landlords and tenants, AirBnb needed a way to drive more content creation. GHOST leveraged its network of creatives to generate stunning photography at scale.

what we did

Providing strategy and a best pathway forward to generate content across Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and London by generating high quality interior photography.

Fun fact; in 2018, combined across all social networks, brands spent over 74.8 billion on social network advertising.


our results

Over 4,500 interior images at homes, condos and apartments across 5 cities and in under 3 months. We also helped to establish streamlined processes across all of our content team.


our services

how it works

Unlike other agencies, GHOST offers its services in various elements. This way, you only get the services and support for your brand exactly where you need them.

With any element or service, you will immediately activate and add our team of digital marketing experts to your organization.

All services include a set amount of hours we’ll work to support your goals. We deduct time as we go along - fair, transparent, easy.


our values

Our mission is to create your gravity - to attract exponential and perpetual mass inwards together. Here are a few of our ingredients.

Self Discipline
Do Good

GHOST donates a % of all revenue to qualified 501c3 organizations, please contact us for consideration or to learn more.