Brands Campaign

Seasonal, launch and product campaigns.


Drive more awareness, clicks and conversions through a strategically orchestrated digital marketing campaign. Our agency will propose a holistic strategy to achieve your goals and objectives.

what is it

Campaign; driving digital to achieve a special goal or function, such as a launch, opening, release or seasonal marketing campaign.


Ideal for a brand looking for out of the box thinking on how best to drive results with a specific goal in mind.



how we do it

Ideation / brainstorming creative ideas on how to to best achieve your goals.
/ recommendations looking at challenges and goals holistically on how to best achieve goals.
/ branding and copy creation for social, hashtags, advertising or relative assets.
/ hands on support in achieving the above.
/ interpretation and review of your data on a monthly and quarterly round up basis.

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What does a campaign cover?
A campaign is intended for product launches, seasonal drives and any initiatives with a clear beginning and ending push.

Will it include content creation?
No. Campaigns entail the actual ideation and execution of ideas. If you’d like to add content creation, please review that element.

Can a campaign be used for social?
Yes. We can utilize the campaign element to drive social growth, support contents and more, but no posting or engagement.

Is there a contract required?
Yes, for brands we ask for a minimum of 3 months on any and all services to realize our full potential and realize goals.

How much time in advance?
We request at least 60 days notice prior to the campaign taking place in order to create, execute and report on our results.

Does unused time roll over?
Yes. In the unlikely event we do not utilize all of the time on your account, any unused time will roll over for another 30 days.

If you have any questions regarding this element or blocks, please get in touch with us:

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