Brands SEO

Search engine optimization and organic growth.


Search engine optimization is essential if you want to establish long term visibility, discoverability and exponentially growing website traffic.

what is it

SEO; ongoing effort to infuse relative keyword terms on and off page to drive more organic website traffic.


Ideal for a company of any size that has a website they are looking to drive more traffic to on Google, Bing or Yahoo!.



how we do it

Research / auditing website structure, site map, architecture and keyword and descriptions.
/ establishing new long tail and short tail keywords, optimal for voice search.
/ placement of such keywords on supported platforms’ back end CMS.
Conversion / establishing conversions and funnel tracking using Google Analytics or GTM.
/ reviewing all contact information and penetration for optimal Maps placements.
/ interpretation and review of your data on a monthly and quarterly round up basis.

more services


What access is required?
Typically administrative access is required to access your CMS. Invitations for SquareSpace, Shopify, WordPress or others is supported.

Will you write code for us?
No. SEO does not include any website development or general maintenance. Architectural changes are not supported.

Does this include conversions?
No. If you would like to establish conversions and funnel goals, please see our commerce element for that service.

Is there a contract required?
Yes, for brands we ask for a minimum of 3 months on any and all services to realize our full potential and realize goals.

Will you create off page content?
No. Our data scientists will generate optimal keywords, descriptions and long tail verbiage on your website.

Does unused time roll over?
Yes. In the unlikely event we do not utilize all of the time on your account, any unused time will roll over for another 30 days.

If you have any questions regarding this element or blocks, please get in touch with us:

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