GHOST is a digital agency brokerage, empowering influencer coordinators and managers to become agents and manage their own clients.


Rather than working full time as an employee for our agency, represent influencers as an agent and we’ll take care of everything else.

$99 Get Started


Represent and manage your own group of influencers leveraging GHOST’s brand name, resources and support. Build your own talent agency and get paid for your work.



Leverage our proprietary #hashtag to buy technology. Make a % of every transaction when customers text, comment or tweet a hashtag to buy.


Access our database HOUSE for brand contacts, activation opportunities, influencer management, contract samples, insider news and seamless billing and receivables.



Rely on GHOST’s accounting department for all accounts receivable and payouts. Track the status of payments online and set aside the collection headaches for activations.


Leverage GHOST’s brand to open doors and attract more business. Plus, avoid marketing costs and overhead - we’ll provide you with email, Slack and collateral to share.



Leverage existing legal resources and professional contracts. All agents and talent are also protected by professional liability policies, inquire to learn more.

DM: @ghostmediainc
Call: 888-411-9724