Gain expert knowledge and insights through GHOST a customized solution for your brand. Make the right decision the first time around.


For all campaigns, launches, search optimization, and custom digital requirements, please contact us.

what is it

Hourly consulting or execution across all forms of digital marketing, reserved for premium brands.

Ideal for; upcoming launches, product releases, seasonal campaigns, leadership eduction and best practices.


what we’ll do

Evaluation / learning about the person or brand, the vision and goals.
/ conducting an industry and competitive marketing analysis to establish strategy and differentiation.
/ providing strategic guidance relating to your launch, campaign or challenge.
Implementation / establishing key directives to follow along with the KPIs to determine success.
/ interpretation and review of your data and reporting back to leadership on results.
Access / access to our team of creatives, insider tips and industry relationships.

our deliverables

Consulting / spending time learning about you and your goals.
Strategy / a detailed strategy and action plan on how best to achieve your digital marketing goals.
Reporting / reporting on digital marketing activities across SEO, advertising, social and KPIs.


What is a Custom?
Custom is the highest form of digital marketing guidance provided by GHOST and delivered by our leadership team.

How much does it cost?
Depending on what team members are required for your project, our hourly rate varies from $150 to $500 per hour.

What type of work is covered?
GHOST provides comprehensive digital marketing services including social, advertising, graphics, strategy and more.

Is there a required term?
No, but we suggest a minimum number of hours depending on the scope and size of the project in order to be successful.

What do deliverables look like?
Deliverables vary by project, but usually include an analysis, strategy and creative teams we partner with to execute.

Will you meet us in person?
The majority of meetings take place via video conference. Otherwise, we welcome clients to our LA, NYC, SF, or UK office locations.

DM: @ghostmediainc
Call: 888-411-9724