The Importance of Setting New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 by Andrea Schmid

Photo courtesy of @anthropologie via @sennarel

Photo courtesy of @anthropologie via @sennarel

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already over, but that also means that it’s officially the most wonderful time of the year! I have a feeling that this holiday season is going to fly by and before we know it, a new year will be upon us. 

I’ve always loved the idea of being able to celebrate a New Year.  As a child, my family would sit around the fire and make s’mores on New Years Eve. It was a time for laughter, but it was also a time to reflect. As an adult, I’ve carried on the tradition of creating New Year’s resolutions, but I’ve also realized that it can be a challenge to keep these resolutions throughout the entire year. 

No matter how big or small, creating a New Year’s resolution is always important. The following are some tips to consider before you set your 2018 New Year’s resolution:

What do you want to achieve?
Whether it’s a new business venture or a personal goal, it’s important to first pin-point exactly what your end goal is. Once you’re able to do that, it becomes much easier to create small goals that will lead to bigger successes. 

2. What are some challenges we may face?
Lenny Kravitz definitely said it best because we are always going to face obstacles, but “it ain’t over till it’s over”. Although at times challenges may be easily predicted, most of the time we are faced with unforeseen struggles. Not to worry though, because it’s the process that makes the journey worthwhile. Remind yourself why these resolutions are important to you, and don’t lose sight of the significance behind it!

3. How will things look once you’ve achieved these resolutions?
Will you be proud of what you’ve achieved? How will it change the way you see yourself or others? Painting a clear picture of how these resolutions will effect you is not only an incredible motivating factor, but it allows us to further keep our eyes on the prize!
No resolution is too big or small. What will your New Year’s resolution be for 2018?

Written and Edited by: Hannah Djavadi, Social Media Coordinator

The Gift That Keeps On Giving by Andrea Schmid

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

It seems as though I blinked and the holiday season was upon us. With 90º weather on Thanksgiving and Target already pushing swimsuits as I walk in the door, it has been extremely hard to get into the holiday spirit. Despite the LA heat, I’ve been wearing sweaters and thought holiday shopping might help kickstart feeling festive. Black Friday and Small Business Saturday had disappointing results and although I populated a number of shopping carts on Cyber Monday, I couldn’t pull the trigger and risk an dissatisfying gift. 

In an attempt to clear my mind, I ventured off to the theater and see a heartening movie. As I opened my phone to check into my Movie Pass app I realized I was staring that the greatest gift I’ve ever received. 

In August of this year, I signed up for Movie Pass, an $9.99 subscription that allows you to see one movie per day all year round. For someone who frequents the theater, this opportunity was ideal. The minute my card arrived, I rushed off to catch a flick I’d been eyeing. I’ll admit that I see close to 5 movies a month no matter the review, but this card is a steal for any one. 

Ticket prices are constantly rising with the average cost of a ticket in the U.S. already at $8.85. In most metropolitan areas, like my home in LA or NYC, tickets can reach upwards of $18. Even if I only use the movie pass once, the card definitely saves me some cash. While the card only works at certain theaters, they are partnered with AMC, Regal Cinemas and more which end up encompassing 91% of theaters in the country. No matter where your loved one is located, this card can be used. 

Every time I pull out the card to check out and grab my ticket, I chuckle and joke to my friends that it's a gift that keeps on giving. I gifted this one to myself but I cannot wait to see the smiles on the many friends and family members receiving the subscription this year. Movie Pass offers three different gifting packages. Whether you gift a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription, I guarantee this will be the most unique holiday present your loved one receives!

Written and Edited by: Andrea Schmid, Marketing Manager