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Reviewing Gilberto Manchego Cheese with Truffles

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Raise your hand if you are a Cheese Lover! *Raises hand* If you are like us, you are always excited to discover a new cheese to add to your rotation. Considering it’s the holiday season, a nice and unique cheese might come in handy when hosting guests at home or when wanting to treat a foodie on your gift list.

We love ceasing any opportunity we have to sample a new cheese and Gilberto Manchego Cheese with Truffles was discovered during a run to the local liquor store for some wine. They have a decent cheese section and frequently offer sampling events and we happen to stumble upon one, but we digress…

Gilberto Manchego Cheese with Truffles is a semi-hard cheese perfect to grate or slice. It’s made with non-pasteurized sheep’s milk, thus remaining a raw milk cheese. The truffle flavor is beautiful on the palate and it doesn’t really need to be dressed up with any other additions. A butter cracker with a slice of this cheese is all you need for an enjoyable and truffle-infused cheese plate. Go crazy and add it to your next grilled cheese, too, and let us know how you liked it. Happy holidays!

Written and Edited By: Carla Ortiz, Social Media Coordinator