People Agent

Activate talent and influencer representation.


Monetize your influence. Our team will include you in pitch lists to generate paid or barter opportunities. Established talent can apply for full representation with no monthly fee.

what is it

Agent; ongoing pitching, negotiation and coordination of paid or barter talent and influencer activations.


Ideal for an influencer with a track record of paid activations seeking for professional representation and support.




300.00 every month

2 hours of monthly representation.

Get Started

Representation at no charge is available for qualifying talent. Please click below to apply for consideration.

how we do it

Pitch / including talent in pitches to major brands and marketing campaign opportunities.
/ sharing with talent opportunities that become available in a monthly blast.
/ representing talent across all major deal opportunities and developing such opportunities.
/ striking deals and ensuring that terms are favorable for the represented talent.
/ ensuring that talent has clear direction and objectives to minimize errors and oversight.


A few examples of our work, contact us for more.

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How do you pitch?
We’ve generated relationships with hundreds of brands over the years. We pitch directly to brands or by broadcasting to them.

Is there a % fee of revenue?

Yes. GHOST takes a % of all proceeds generated. That % ranges from 15% to 20% per activation depending upon size.

Who works with me?
We will assign an Influencer Coordinator to learn more about you and your goals. They’ll build a one to one relationship with you.

Will you handle my contracts?
We utilize template agreements for the majority of activations. If a brand requires their own agreement, you must review yourself.

How much work will be generated?
The amount of work generated depends upon your engagement levels, follower accounts and type of industry and varies seasonally.

How do I get paid?
Once the invoice is paid we will send funds via PayPal, check or bank wire. Our team will handle all receipts and payouts for you.

If you have any questions regarding this element or blocks, please get in touch with us:

DM: @ghostmediainc
Call: 888-411-9724
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