People Assistant

Get strategic virtual assistant support for your calls, emails and more.


You’ve always wanted one. Rely on a professional virtual assistant to help support your digital growth. Your VA will handle your inbound calls, email, calendaring and even perform support research and tasks.

what is it

Assistant; weekday support on inbox, calendar and telephone to help you stay organized and focus on what you do best.


Ideal for an influencer, entrepreneur or business person looking to hand off the day to day communication duties.




400.00 every month

10 hours of monthly virtual assistance.

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1,000.00 every month

25 hours of monthly virtual assistance.

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how we do it

Email / set up an inbox or we’ll create one, copy your assistant on everything, they’ll handle it
/ management of your gmail or outlook calendar, including all scheduling and travel coordination.
/ forward your number and we’ll take the calls, check voicemail and protect your time.
/ assistant support on basic research tasks, contact information and other support items.
/ identifying optimal travel options, organizing, researching and providing v.

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Who is my assistant?
Your assistant is a US Based college educated executive virtual assistant. We utilize a 14 step hiring process to select the best.

How does setup work?
Provide your Assistant with an email address, or we’ll create one for them . We’ll also issue you a telephone number to forward your calls.

What services are included?
Your Assistant will handle only emails, scheduling, inbound calls (light outbound calls), travel bookings and light research.

Does unused time roll over?
Yes. We deduct time in 5 minute intervals. Any unused time rolls over to the next month and expires if not used in 30 days.

Will they run my errands?
No. All services are virtual - not in person - and do not include any creative skills, financial support, impersonation or sales.

Is a contract required?
No. All of our services are monthly and renew automatically every 30 days. You can cancel anytime. 24 hour notice is required.

If you have any questions regarding this element or blocks, please get in touch with us:

DM: @ghostmediainc
Call: 888-411-9724
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