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Generate points of sale using hashtags and sell everywhere with a text.


Create viral points of sale on and offline - no website required. Our proprietary Boost technology generates transactional hashtags for your products.

what is it

Your content is your commerce. Sell direct to your audience by instructing them to text the product #hashtag to buy.

No Apps
No Downloads
No Websites
No Checkout
No Drama

Our Boost technology provides you with an end to end e-commerce solution to sell your products and make your points of sale go viral.




Monetize your content and sell more with Boost.



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How much does it cost?
Much like other e-commerce solutions, there is a monthly fee and a % of transaction fee. For more details, please get started.

What about refunds and shipping?

Boost is a complete end to end e-commerce solution. You can manage orders, provide refunds and more.

Can I pick any hashtag?
No. You can select your #hashtag branding so long as it matches your company identity. We will override any illegal IP requests.

How do I get paid?
You’ll set up a Stripe account which handles all of the transactions. Funds arrive in 2 business days.

Do I need a website?
No. Your content is your commerce. Instruct your community to text the hashtag to our short code to complete their order.

Is there a contract?
No. You can utilize Boost month to month and cancel at anytime. Cancellations may result in losing your #hashtag branding.

If you have any questions regarding this element or blocks, please get in touch with us:

DM: @ghostmediainc
Call: 888-411-9724
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