People Engagement

Increase engagement on your social media accounts and channels.


Build bridges. Drive more conversations and grow faster with organic engagement. Our team will work closely with you to connect with the right people in your industry to drive more relevance.

what is it

Engagement; finding, following and communicating with the right people in your vertical industries.


Ideal for any digital person who is looking to connect with more people in their industry and drive followers and engagement faster.




300.00 every month

2 hours of monthly engagement.

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750.00 every month

5 hours of monthly engagement.

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how we do it

Find / ongoing research of strategic people, groups and organizations to connect with and follow.
/ following and communicating with strategic online identities to drive more relevance.
/ recommendations on who to connect with and working to set up strategic meetings.
/ providing guidance on responses to and from specific followers.
/ organic account growth resulting from higher engagement and impressions.


A few examples of our work, contact us for more.

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How will you select who to follow?
Our team will conduct an orientation to learn about your identity and begin selecting highly targeted personalities in your vertical.

Will my followers increase?

Yes. As a result of our organic and authentic efforts, more people will begin following your account and your engagement will increase.

Will you access my account?
Yes. A Social Media Manager will log into your account to follow, unfollow, reach and connect with targeted users.

Will my engagement improve?
In addition to follower growth, your engagement will increase as a result of having more authentic followers and conversations.

How many channels?
We support engagement on up to two platforms, typically Instagram and Twitter (or Facebook).

Is there a contract?
No. All of our services are monthly and renew automatically every 30 days. You can cancel anytime. 24 hour notice is required.

If you have any questions regarding this element or blocks, please get in touch with us:

DM: @ghostmediainc
Call: 888-411-9724
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