Drive conversion through digital marketing

Grow faster with a professional digital marketing agency driving your social media, SEO, influencer activations and content creation.


Social Media

Social media is now an essential part of human interaction and our every day lives. Two out of three people trust a business and are 87% more likely to spend money when they have active social media profiles. A consistently updated, engaged and branded social media presence drives not only new sales, but also contributes tremendously to your organic search listing and SEO ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo! and others.

Content Creation

A picture is worth way more than a thousand words. People are reading far less than they did a decade ago. Today, your brand identity, core values and primary form of communications with your customers are mostly digested in the form of imagery and video. Having the correct visual representation of your company, brand or goods attract target audiences while also blanketing the web with your shareable grassroots content.


Endorsements made by public figures are typically more powerful in driving interest and sales than a brand driving that same message itself. Today, 92% of people trust the opinion of an influencer, more than they do their best friends. Working with digital marketing influencers, our editorial contacts and PR to spread the word about your product. Growing followers on social media and digitally driving revenues is an essential part of a cutting edge marketing mix.



Accumulating followers and cultivating an audience is just the first step. Encouraging actions to take place by those followers is the real fun. Utilizing digital marketing strategies such as Pay Per Click & advertising platforms, Ghost Media can strategically target and serve opportunities to drive conversions. 


Diving into a competitive analysis, reviewing process, targeting audiences and working hand in hand will ensure a strategic approach with the best possible outcome. Our team works closely with ownership, existing marketing personnel and incumbent PR or graphics teams and is able to provide you with top of line digital marketing solutions.     


Utilize our proprietary technologies to generate a direct ROI from your social and digital channels. Our Boost technology enables transactions to occur inside of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more utilizing #hashtags.



From on and off page SEO (search engine optimization) to website creation, development and maintenance, our development capabilities can ensure mobile focused and locally optimized search results.


A half star on Yelp! is valued at an 8% increase in gross revenue per year. Monitoring your online presence, managing reputation, responding to inquiries and establishing set processes to mitigate negative reviews is essential in the marketplace today.